30 lb Case - Assorted Flavors

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Mix it up! Six 5lb boxes per case.  One each of; Lime, Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Lemon, Grape and Strawberry.

Pea sized crystals

One 30 Pound case

Contains: Six 5lb. boxes of pure cane sugar rock candy strings.

Flavors included:

1 5lb Box Grape (purple)
1 5lb Box Strawberry (red)
1 5lb Box Cherry (pink)
1 5lb Box Lime (green)
1 5lb Box Lemon (yellow)
1 5lb Box Blue Raspberry (blue)

Case Pack 1/6
Unit UPC n/a
Case GTIN 50011167022106
Case Dimensions (Inches) 20.38 x 10.38 x 8.5"
Case Cube 1.04
Case (Pounds) 34
Pallet Ti/Hi 8 x 5 = 40