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GravyMaster, well known as a flavor and color enhancer for gravies, is now popular as an ingredient in marinades and glazes, particularly for outdoor barbecuing.  It’s also used extensively for flavoring stews and soups, as well as to add an appetizing “roasted” color to meats cooked in the microwave.   Gravymaster fans have discovered even more creative uses:  it adds unique and distinct flavoring to cream cheese based dips and spreads; and creates a delightful Bloody Mary.

GravyMaster® was introduced in 1935.Made of ingredients ranging from pure cane sugar to herbs and spices, GravyMaster, originally promoted as a browning and seasoning sauce for gravies, used the sugar left behind from rock candy production as part of its ingredient list.
In just a short time GravyMaster became a staple in the home cook’s kitchen. From Maine to Florida, gravies weren’t complete without adding the GravyMaster.

Soon chefs wanted GravyMaster for their restaurant’s kitchen. Since the distinctively shaped 2 oz. and 5 oz. bottles didn’t hold enough of the product for large-scale use, GravyMaster was made available in quart and gallon-sized bottles.

Today, tons and tons of GravyMaster are sold each year to both home and restaurant cooks. The usage of the product has grown from flavoring and coloring gravies to a variety of uses, ranging from a brush-on marinade for caramelizing grilled meats and vegetables to flavoring Bloody Marys.

Just think of the possibilities!

GravyMaster® is NOT just for gravy. It’s for caramelizing vegetables & meats or locking in juices while grilling meats, fish or vegetables. A wonderful addition to any sauces or marinades. Even AWESOME in a Bloody Mary!

Check out our more Frequently Asked Questions to get more information on how GravyMaster® is a wonderful addition to any sauces or marinades.

Q. What ingredients are in GravyMaster?
A. GravyMaster contains a carefully concentrated blend of spices, caramel, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, apple cider vinegar, salt and cane sugar.  The recipe for Gravy Master is time honored and is made the same way as it was years ago in small batches.

Q. Does GravyMaster contain meat?
A. NO!  GravyMaster is both vegetarian and vegan, it contains NO meat.

Q. Is GravyMaster certified Kosher?
A. Yes, GravyMaster is certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union.

Q. Is GravyMaster only used to make gravies?
A. NO!  GravyMaster is great for caramelizing meats, vegetables and tofu, as well as seasoning and browning soups, stews, casseroles and fish – these are just a few ideas to whet the appetite!

Q. How long will GravyMaster stay fresh in my kitchen cabinet?
A. Depending on climate conditions, GravyMaster will stay fresh for at least two years.  We recommend a new bottle at least once per year, however, to assure your enjoyment of our product.

Q. How long has GravyMaster been around?  I remember my grandmother using it.
A. GravyMaster was first sold in stores in the U.S.A. in 1935.  Since its inception it has become popular with professional as well as home chefs.

Q. How is GravyMaster different from its competitors?
A. GravyMaster is the only seasoning and browning sauce capable of the caramelization process required in so many of today’s popular recipes.

Q. Where can I purchase GravyMaster?
A. GravyMaster is always available for purchase on this website; or check the local grocery store.  GravyMaster will be located in the same aisle as other gravies