Richardson Brands

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Richardson Brands is known across America for the development of soft, tender, high quality pillow mints that have graced the dining tables of homes and restaurants since 1893.  Through the years, Richardson’s chocolate filled candy covered mints have become the preeminent ‘thank you’ used by thousands of fine dining establishments throughout the U.S.A. to show customers appreciation for their patronage.

Through both organic growth and acquisition, Richardson Brands has expanded to offer a selection of fine, highly recognizable nostalgic favorites.   Gravymaster® Browning and Seasoning Sauce, Dryden & Palmer® Rock Candy, Beechies® Gum and Bogdon® Old Fashioned Candy Sticks® are included in our portfolio of delectable delights.

All of Richardson’s brands carry a long heritage of quality and staying power:  Dryden & Palmer was introduced in 1880, Richardson Mints in 1893, Gravymaster in 1935, Beechies in 1936, and Bogdon in 1945.  The future brings new flavors, line extensions and very contemporary usage for Richardson’s nostalgia brands.  

Our brands are produced at the company’s headquarters, in historic Canajoharie, New York, 40 miles west of Albany.  The village, which was incorporated in 1829, began as a thriving market town on the Erie Canal and has been a center of manufacturing and the arts for nearly two centuries.  Its name is Iroquois, and means “the pot that washes itself,” after a beautiful, geological pot-shaped feature in the Canajoharie Creek off the Mohawk River.  
An integral part of Richardson’s longer term vision is to become the pre-eminent employer in Canajoharie.  The village was decimated by the 2006 flooding of the Mohawk River, and further depressed by the recent departure of a manufacturing company that was its largest employer for over 130 years.  Richardson is committed to expanding its operations in Canajoharie and to work with local and state officials to restore the economic vitality of this historic community.  Richardson has plenty of room to grow in Canajoharie, where its 180,000 square foot facility proudly carries the State of New York’s coveted Good Manufacturing Practices Seal of Approval (GMP), as well as a superior rating, the highest awarded by AIB (American Institute of Baking) International.

Taste the difference, from brands that have stood the test of time.