Nutritional Information

Richardson Brands Shelf Life Dates:

All Richardson Brands products are dated the day they were produced by the industry standard Julian Date. 

On the package will be a four digit number. 

The first digit is the last number of the year produced (such as '6' for 2016). 

The next three numbers are the day of that year it was produced.  So, an example Julian Date of 6146 would have been produced on the 146th day of 2016 (May 26th).


Recommended Shelf Life by Product:

  • Dryden & Palmer Rock Candy - 36 months
  • Richardson Mints - 18 months
  • Bogdon's Reception Sticks - 12 months
  • Beechies Gum - 18 months
  • GravyMaster - 36 months  



Dryden & Palmer® Rock Candy

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Richardson® Mints

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Bogdon's® Reception Sticks

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Beechies® Gum

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GravyMaster® Seasoning

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