Dryden & Palmer
Rock Candy

Dryden & Palmer, Purveyors of Rock Candy since 1880 -

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Lolli Rocks Pops

The Lollipop that ROCKS!

Pure cane sugar Lolli Rocks sticks, in fun packaging and great  flavors

A great treat for any age!

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Barista Sticks

4 1/2" Rock Candy Barista Sticks. 

Stir up your coffee routine!

Our demitasse stirring sticks are an elegant and delicious alternative to ordinary table sugar. Crystallized pure cane sugar and great-tasting flavors impart a smooth sweetness to your favorite hot beverage. These eye-catching stirrers bring variety to your coffee experience and ensure a memorable finish to dinner parties.

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Swizzle Sticks

Rock Your Drink
5 3/4" Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks.

Rock your drinks at cocktail hour!

Our flavored pure cane swizzle sticks allow you to create delicious, visually stunning cocktails at home. Impress your guests by adding a touch of fun and style to your favorite beverages with bright crystals made from the purest sugar. These colorful sticks mix and sweeten your cocktails at the same time and come in a variety of delicious complementary flavors.

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Crystal Sticks

6 1/2" Rock Candy Sticks


The original rock candy on a stick!

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The classic! Rock candy on strings! 

Available in a variety of colors and flavors, or assorted

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Loose Crystals

Pure white crystals and Amber crystals for cooking, brewing or sweetening your coffee or tea!

Flavored rock candy crystals, in 8 different flavors, great for topping muffins or cookies, as well as for decorating cakes. The beautiful jewel-like colors have been used in everything from jewelry store displays to dressing up cocktails and even featured on TV shows!


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